The Mansfield Small Business Association was incorporated on November 28, 2007 with its statement of purpose “to provide a united voice for small business in Mansfield.”

Following the development of a new business plan at the end of 2010 (with the support and assistance of Mansfield Shire Council), the association changed their name to reflect the inclusion of ALL businesses within the Mansfield Shire – hence the name Mansfield District Business Association (MDBA),

In 2020 the committee used the hiatus caused by COVID_19 to rethink and refine the purpose of the association establishing a clear vision, mission and set of values for the future.

Our Purpose

We make a positive difference to the growth and resilience of Mansfield & Districts economy by supporting, representing, and connecting our local businesses across all industries.

Mission – We do this through:

Support – Coordinating relevant and targeted business development opportunities and enabling access to mentoring and mutual support between members.

Connection – providing regular communications and current business information to members, networking opportunities through targeted events and informal catchups.

Representation – advocacy to council on business issues and trends, participation in council planning for economic growth and development, collaboration with other key stakeholders (Tourism, Health, Education).

Promotion – build business confidence and promote Mansfield as a business destination.

Sustainability – our organisation is commercially viable with sound corporate and social governance.

Our Values that underpin how we work:

Integrity: we are authentic, honest, respectful, and transparent in all our activities and partnerships.

Collaborative: we are inclusive, unified, and constructive.

Visionary: we look for new and innovative ways of doing business which is strategic and effective.

Sustainable: we are here for the long haul.