The Mansfield Small Business Association was incorporated on November 28, 2007 with the its statement of purpose “to provide a united voice for small business in Mansfield.”Mansfield Shire Map | Mansfield Business

Following the development of a new business plan at the end of 2010 (with the support and assistance of Mansfield Shire Council), the association changed their name to reflect the inclusion of ALL businesses within the Mansfield Shire – hence the new name Mansfield District Business Association (MDBA),

Our Purpose

To provide services for the benefit of member businesses in the Mansfield Shire, including networking, training, promotion and advocacy.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity – openness, honesty and transparency
  • Respect – valuing diversity of opinion
  • Unity – working together as a team
  • Positive commitment – committed to moving forward
  • Community – support Mansfield district communities

Mansfield BusinessMembership

Mansfield District Business Association (MDBA) is open to membership to any small businesses within Mansfield Shire.  The Mansfield Shire (Mansfield Town and District Rural Boundary) is composed of 39 small villages.

The MDBA will determine if membership should include Associate Members, for those business owners who do not have a registered principle trading address in the Shire of Mansfield, but who would like to be an Associate Member, e.g. people with Mansfield business interests or plans to establish a business here

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