Located in the foothills of the Victorian High Country, NE Victoria, Mansfield Shire is home to 450+ businesses; approximately 50% of those businesses being in the township of Mansfield.

Businesses are comprised of a mix of large and small scale agriculture, food production, accommodation, retail, trades and services, tourism ventures and more.

Only 200km from Melbourne, Mansfield offers the best of both worlds – ready access to larger city centres coupled with a backdrop of snowcapped mountains in winter and sparkling rivers and lakes in spring and summer.

The area is extremely popular with the outdoor enthusiast – be that skier, mountain biker, road cyclist, rail trail cyclist, camper, fisherman or walker.

The Mansfield District Business Association  recognises the 2009/2010 Mansfield Shire Economic Development and Tourism strategic objective: to support and lead the sustainable growth and development of the Shire’s economy through effective partnerships with industry and key stakeholders.

Mansfield is renowned for its Spring Festivals which kick off mid-October and carry through until mid November which then leads in to the Christmas season.

Mansfield is a vibrant, thriving shire growing faster than the Victorian average for other small regional and rural municipalities and offering new business opportunities for those wishing to relocate to the country lifestyle.